Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Typical Holiday

You know, typical hot summer three day Labor Day weekend. Catch a movie, eat out, maybe plan a barbecue with beer and watermelon and mmmmmmmmm beef ribs and sausage. Did I mention cold beer?

Add the thrills of seeing huge clouds of roiling smoke as a north wind driven wildfire of gigantic size sweeps by within spitting distance of your place burning whole neighborhoods to the ground, melting cars to puddles while you and thousands of your neighbors are evacuated and most spend days huddled within hastily organized (or not) shelters while you wonder what the hell (literally) is happening to your house and family members.

Damn, do we know how to party in Texas or what?

All joking aside, it was a horrendous experience. Our firefighters and emergency services, and even local government folks really showed and continue to show their worth and humanity! Thanks all of you! 

And, to so many who lost their homes, their loved ones, even their pets,  it is impossible to express words close to being worthy of the loss that you feel. We do feel, truly sickened by what happened. Those of us who were bypassed, this time, were incredibly lucky, and we each know we could be next.

Pray for RAIN! And keep your bug out bags packed!

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