Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Countdown to Samhain/Halloween

It's been a challenge recently having issues with regular internet access. We no longer have a land line out here in the wilds of Blue/McDade. We let that go when we got our air card with AT&T. We needed the air card for running credit cards and such at our Sherwood Forest Faire booth, Cat's Tarot Readings, art shows, and other locations. It also works pretty well at home, so we went with it. However, said air card got broken and it took us a while to replace it. We still don't have all the wrinkles out of it, but it's pretty much okay again. Those few weeks of relying on hurried trips into town for wi-fi were pretty trying. 
Of course, we're also working hard on finishing the booth out at Sherwood as well as all the other stuff we do, so time is at a premium. (And a round of bad colds for us all, now in recovery.) 
Writing has had to slide a bit.
I'm working the Bastrop 1832 Farmer's Market on Chestnut Street on Saturdays on behalf of Microbial Earth. The first one went very well, that was a week ago. I met a lot of very nice people who were very interested in our products and composting in general. This last weekend I had an Avatar Resurfacing to help with, and I worked the market on Friday, which was very slow. Still talked to some people about Microbial Earth as well as Permaculture. Not wasted time, except perhaps financially. I'll be back there next Saturday. We'll see how it goes. It's a bit of a slack time right now for the markets. The Fall gardens haven't kicked in yet, so there's not a large variety of produce available. 
The Avatar Resurfacing class was very good. We had a nice number of students, as well as Masters to work with them. It always works well with a group to experience a shared perspective. It's a wonderful experience doing it one on one, but adding the group dynamic gives it extra charge! It's great seeing new people waking up to their potential, and even those of us who are Avatars and Masters already get a lot out of it as well. Every class seems to add new depth to the material. 

Cat and I are also looking forward to this year's public Samhain ritual with Tejas Web on Nov. 2 at the Vortex Theater Yard in Austin. As usual, we are very active in planning it and it looks to be a good one!