Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sting

 One of these guys has rendered me hors d combat for the day. Yesterday  I was stung for the second time in a week. The local red wasps are in an aggressive mood lately. One got me on the ankle last week as I walked past the shop. A couple of days with a swollen ankle and achy joints and it passed with only some residue of itching. 
Then yesterday, I was re-installing the new window in my office re-build, when another one apparently decided I was too close to the nest and nailed me on the elbow. 
I moved away rapidly, the window fell without breaking, luckily. I immediately applied an ammonia compress to the wound. The pain subsided rapidly, but I didn't sleep too well. When I woke this morning the elbow was burning and itching like I had left it in a nest of fire ants all night. 
I did go out early and get the window into place. I bundled up and worked till the wasps started flying again, then quit. It was too hot to work with the long sleeves, etc. anyway. Sitting around the rest of the day with herb poultices and baking soda on my arm. Taking Benadryl, etc.

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  1. Sounds to me like it was rough going there! Red Wasps ouch, we don't have them here where I live. Wasps yes, not red. Hope it has all healed up well now. Forgive me, I am Leyla and I am going to follow this blog.
    I shall be back :()