Monday, June 20, 2011

The Insane Cat Posse

One of our cats is very vocal. The others are too, in various degree, but Panthera is always letting us know something. He's a solid black shorthair. He did have one white eyebrow hair until recently but he lost it. He is once again completely black. Every morning before sun up, or at least before we really plan to arise, he starts asking to go out. 
It starts with a plaintive meow from the floor. Then a meow and "chirring" noise as he jumps onto the water bed. He strolls across the head of the bed, near our heads as well, and about halfway around the bed and then returns across our bodies to his starting point and back off the bed with a resounding thump.
If we ignore it, there is another noisy leap onto the bed and the tour repeated, stopping to nuzzle our hands, or maybe even nose my face.
The last move is usually to get back on the bed, walk across our heads to the bookcase headboard, and leap to the top of it to perch like a gargoyle above my head staring at me.
This is where I usually give up. He has been known to do a cannonball onto my belly.
We don't usually let it get that far, we know what's coming, so if one of us rises for any reason at an early stage, we go ahead and let him and the tabby, Simba, out. Of the other two, Salem, the alpha tuxedo cat, is rather blase about it. He will eventually deign to go out, but his style is to come over to one of us later and stare us into submission. The siamese, Meixa, (pronounced Meeka) isn't allowed out anyway. He is our young rescue kitty, and is very skittish. 
At some point after I've been doorman for the various cats going in and out the races begin. 
The culprits are one of the other cats who has returned, and Meixa. One chases the other from end of the house to the other. We're in a mobile home, currently, so it's pretty much one long run from end to end with a longish hall included. 
One chases the other one direction, and they reverse coming back, bouncing over anything in the way.
Somehow they manage to sound like much larger beasts in the process.
Stampeding buffalo, or wildebeests, come to mind.
Cats are about stealth, aren't they? And not that large.
But they manage to put on their snow boots or something.
They can really stomp.
I've been outside a few times when it happens. I swear the walls and ground shake.
If you happen to be reclining in the track, look out! You can get trampled!
I call them the Insane Cat Posse. However, it is usually only two of the four involved at a time. The combination changes, though Meixa is usually one of them.
Adds some excitement, if we needed any!


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