Monday, April 4, 2011

Sherwood Forest Faire 2011 Update

Well, the second year of Sherwood Forest has come and gone. We had a great time. If you've been following this blog for long you know about our booth and what we were vending there. 

It was a great second year. Turnout was good, and overall our sales were above the first year's. 

An interesting note, it seemed like about one out of 3 or 4 of the patrons who came to our booth wanted to talk about the construction of said booth as much as they did the art work. And a significant number of them came mainly just to see the booth. The most common comment was along the lines of, "this is the most unique structure at the Faire!" 

In my previous posts you can see that we had to stop construction before the Faire opened because of weather and the burn ban that hampered making the clay. We came to two conclusions very soon during the actual Faire. We have decided against the original idea of adding a loft above part of the space, because we and most of the patrons agreed that all enjoyed the openness of the design. Secondly, we decided that we liked the airiness and natural light provided by the open areas left at the tops of the walls, so we plan to leave a couple of feet open all around below the roof. It was nice to have the cross ventilation, get the sunlight, and see the trees around us. We had a few days near 90 degrees F and almost everyone commented that the inside of our booth was nearly ten degrees cooler than outside on the grounds. 

So, soon we will re-start construction and new pictures will be forthcoming!

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  1. Besides Cat's wonderful creations and the booth's elegant design, the other great thing about the booth are the three handsome men in kilt's standing in and around. Now that's a gal crowd pleaser!