Monday, April 18, 2011

Farmer's Market Update

Instead of my usual gig at Bastrop 1832 Farmer's Market last Saturday, I took my Microbial Earth booth to the Smithville Empty Bowl Project fund-raiser. We used Cat Dancing's EZ-up tent and Cat did face painting in one side of it. It was a nice event. They had several speakers, it was by an art gallery under some nice shade trees with a pretty good breeze. There were only a few vendors. Cat painted a few faces, and I made a few good sales.
There was a local band playing a mix of Beatles and other music, doing a really nice job of it. I played flute a bit in the booth and chatted with the other vendors. We got some tasty soup from the fund-raiser, Cat bought a few plants and got some free bulbs.
A very pleasant day, overall.

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