Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Pair of Poems to my favorite Muse.


She touches me
across the miles
and lifts my heart
I hear her smile
and I grin as well
I hear the catch in her voice
and I know she misses me
as much as I miss her
though it seems impossible
that anyone could.
I sense her breathing
and know that her flesh
yearns for mine
that we both feel the pull.
We will always be joined
in spirit, and that is right.
We long to be joined
once more in flesh,
to know once more together
what we remember so well.
Limbs entwined
Safely held.
To ride the wave of love
heart to heart
soul to soul
until it crests again and again
and we are
once again

By William C. Seward, 7/6/07
For Cat Dancing 


He wrote a hundred poems
And they were good
Then he met her
And none were good enough
All that he thought he knew
About love, and life, and desire
Suddenly fall short
Of his new reality
The things she teaches him
Of how things are
And ought to be
Make him wonder if he has known
The things he had done
The man he was
Fall away
Relics of some other lifetime
The best of them
Only preparation
For what he is becoming.
She is his muse,
His mentor
And his soul mate
It is not easy
To find the path
To awake the shaman
To find the priest
He must have been
And will be again
The warrior path is
Full of challenge.
The butterfly does not emerge
From the cocoon
Without a struggle.
And she is there
The priestess he loves
She sees the shaman within
And welcomes her priest
Into the temple

By William C. Seward, 7/6/07
For Cat Dancing

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