Thursday, March 10, 2011

Late Breaking News

Perhaps I'm seeing the first tremors of the job market improving. I at least got a call from a temp staffing agency with a job possibility over in Buda. Who knows? My last full time job was in Kyle. Only 57 miles or so according to Yahoo, but it involved an average of an hour and a half each way of commute. It was wearing out both me and the car. I was leaving before daylight and getting home wiped out after dark. It was a paying job, yes, but they never did follow through with promised pay and work conditions. In the end it just wasn't worth it. If they hadn't had a layoff, I'm not sure I would have lasted much longer anyway.
So, now to consider a job in Buda? Well, maybe. It's only a few miles closer. But if I can get the right amount of pay, and wangle a few days of telecommute each week, it might be worth it. I certainly do need the pay, there's no doubt about that.
We all find ourselves doing jobs we'd rather not be doing until we can do what we'd rather do. I had a nice talk with Krysten, the lady from the staffing agency. She asked about my Permaculture certification and I spent some time educating her about that topic. So many people still don't know about Permaculture, it's a pleasure to talk about it. It's a good part of what I'm able to do at my weekend stint at Bastrop 1832 Farmer's Market vending products for Microbial Earth Farms. It's great, and audience who are already interested in gardening, food, organics, and so on. I get to talk to lots of them about Permaculture, compost, even Sherwood Forest Faire! Microbial Earth is a good company with great products. Compost, compost tea, composting setups for outdoors and indoors! Yes, indoors! It's a good opportunity to handle a good product line while talking to people about sustainability.

Of course, we've still got four weekends left of the Faire. Turnout has been a bit down this year. It's a bit weird. We had such good turnout last year, which was the first year. We have great word of mouth, great advertising, more acts and vendors, even really nice weather. Where are the people?
It's a beautiful Renaissance Festival, and so convenient to Austin. Maybe they're all waiting for Spring to be official!
Come on out, everyone! We've got world class full contact jousting this year! Great music! Wonderful local artists selling their wares! Close-in parking and wonderful shaded grounds! Nice camping! Great people! Join us!

So, whatever the job situation holds in store, I'm staying plenty busy with other things. Maybe I'll even get some writing done soon! Oh, wait, I'm putting in our new square foot garden beds here at la casa. Okay, maybe writing will wait some more.

It's growing time!

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