Monday, February 7, 2011

Movie Binge!

Ever since the blizzard started I've been indulging in a movie binge! 
Okay, I use the term blizzard loosely, very. We had a little snow that barely lasted as long as one movie, and it got really cold (for here) and that was a couple of days. However, I got snared by Red Box. When my partner, Cat Dancing, is out of town, I try and catch up on action movies I enjoy but she doesn't care for. 
Here's the lineup:
"Red" I really enjoyed it.
"The American" A bit slow, realistic, ho hum.
"Case 39" Seriously creepy. Nice twist. 
"Inception" Pretty good. Mind bender. Perhaps moved a little too fast to catch up.
"Resident Evil: Afterlife" Apparently Alice is Timex AND the Energizer Bunny. I enjoy the series. This one fit right in. I had trouble watching the first one, but I got hooked.
"Salt" I enjoyed it. Don't think she can kick Bourne's ass, but almost.

I also found a few movies at the Elgin Public Library. Not an extensive selection, but worth a look. I got.
"Solaris" A re-watch. Another mind bender, a bit slow. 
"Ghost Rider" Another re-watch. Saw it in theaters. I enjoy all the Marvel characters. Fun ride.
"2012" Another fun ride. I enjoyed it. Serious flaws in credibility, but that aside, I still had a few edge-of-my seat moments.

I also recently re-watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I consider it very good. Someday I'll get the expanded version. I lost count of how many times I read the original books, or have seen the movies, for that matter. I also watched "Dune" again. The version with William Hurt. Enjoyable. Makes me want to re-read the books.

The most recent film we've seen in the theater is "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Part One." Looking forward to part two. Now that we're finishing the series, we hear J.K. Rowling may be considering more books. Be interesting to see how that works, considering the end of the book. Of course the movie studios usually deal with that handily by ignoring such things. I'm sure we all can come up with many examples.

And now, Red Box tells me I have earned a couple of free rentals. Oh my! Back to the candy store!


  1. Hooray for movies from the library!

  2. I also thought Inception could have gone a bit slower for maximum enjoyment.

    My Piano Man and I watched The Lord of Ring over the winter holidays and loved it again. We are not working our way through Star Wars. Harry Potter is next! By the way, I'm a very ashamed Harry Potter fan. I couldn't go to the theater to watch it and yet to see it. Soon.