Monday, February 21, 2011

Building the Magnificent Cat Dancing Creations Vendor Booth! Part 6

     Several folks are following the growth of our Sherwood Forest Faire booth. This last weekend was the 2011 opening for the Faire. Here is where we are:
    As we were getting near the end of our light straw and clay wall construction we ran up against a county-wide, darn near state-wide, fire ban. Daily temps were getting colder and it had become necessary to heat our water over a fire to mix the clay. Each morning we found the soaked clay from the day before resting at a temp near 40 degrees F or colder. This was nearly impossible to mix, the best temp for mixing the clay and straw is at least 60 degrees F. A couple of buckets each of near boiling water added to each barrel of mud pretty much did the trick. However, no fire, no hot water and no mixing. Fortunately, most of our walls were high enough for Faire purposes, namely giving wind shelter, a place to display art, and concealing the back stage area. It was only necessary to add some of the form wood to one bay of the back wall for concealment purposes.

This pic is an interior shot of that bay. If you look closely, above the wall hanging you can see the form boards, below the hanging you can see the clay/straw wall. As time got short, we called a halt for the season on our construction work.
The underside of the metal roofing was concealed by burlap with lace panels at the skylights. The purpose for this is to give a more period look to the ceiling, and to comply with Faire requirements.

The back door was constructed and mounted, along with the front window shutters and doors. The hinges were made by Earthen Metals, one of the local blacksmiths for the Faire.

So, here is how the booth looked for opening day, 2011. Hark, yon patrons approach!

To be greeted by Milady Cat Dancing, Artist in Residence! We needed store counter space, and we needed to store our remaining straw bales out of the weather. Solution! We made the counter out of the straw bales, topped by wood and draped with cloth.

Intarsia and stained glass boxes against the back wall of the booth.

Intarsia on the south end wall. Notice the RainCrow-designed/built light fixture above the art.

Display of RainCrow made Sylph-Song Flutes against the back wall. Some have dragons. A mix of pentatonic and Spanish Gypsy tunings.

Wall hanging and intarsia inside the front wall. Along with Sir Silas of Bryan.

Our booth was fortunate to obtain a Charter Vendor banner. Last year, the Faire's first year,  we vended off our porch as shown in my previous posts. All in all we received almost as many questions and compliments on our booth construction as for our wonderful art!

Looking out at the Faire through a front window. The wind chimes are new this year. We are carrying them for friend Lynn Kirby at Splendor in the Glass.

A look from outside the same window. Stained glass, wind chimes, our custom logo, and a bench by local artisan Black Wolf are visible. You can just see the window shutters and the extents of the clay above the porch roof.

Opposite end of porch with remaining stained glass , shutters, and top portion of waterfall shown.

Waterfall and flower garden. The primroses are gorgeous!

Gina and her pet rooster Friar Tuck are loved by the children at the Faire. She commissioned a pet portrait from Cat Dancing last year. She was ecstatic at the result! See for yourself!

Sir Silas is modeling his new Captain's Coat from Two Spools at the Faire. Wake and Stacy do wonderful work!

 Sir William of RainCrow must needs have new attire of his own. A new custom-made cloak from Two Spools fits the bill, or the Bill.

Of course, Sir Michael got his own cloak as well. Two Spools once again provided. Michael is taking the afternoon off from working at the King's Swing attraction at the Faire.

It was a beautiful opening weekend for Sherwood Forest Faire. We have lots of weekends to go yet. Come see us! I'll also be posting more pics from the Faire soon!


  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun! The artwork is absolutely beautiful.

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