Friday, November 11, 2011

Austin Celtic Festival 2011

Cat Dancing Creations set up a booth at the Austin Celtic Festival last weekend. There were a lot of people out both days for the music and events. Business was only so - so. We had plenty of lookers, but not too many people seemed to be buying anything. Cat finally put out her Tarot Reading sign on Sunday and that brought in enough money to make it almost worthwhile.
The music was great, though. I particularly enjoyed Ed Miller and The Silver Thistle pipe band. 
It was cloudy and windy all weekend.
In the pic above you can see our booth.

As well as a really alert young man behind my right elbow.
Not mentioning any names.

One of our new pieces we featured for the Celtic Festival. 
A triskelion from three woods. It's a new design and pretty cool!

This weekend we're setting up at the Vortex Theater on Manor Rd. in Austin for the East Austin Studio Tour. See you there!

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