Monday, September 27, 2010

It Really IS all about ME! Or, at least, Compost!

     Well, at least this blog is, or mostly. Heh!
     The weather is blessedly cool today. Last night was lovely sleeping weather. Cat opened the windows and turned off the AC and fans. I think, for myself, it got way too quiet! Lol! I kept waking up thinking the power must be off. So many months with the AC on! Nice foretaste of things to come. 
     Also good weather for working on our booth out at Sherwood Forest. We're mostly done with the floor and starting the wall infill soon.
     I've been spending my Saturdays the last couple of weeks in training for my new part-time job. I've taken a spot with Microbial Earth , it's a local company that sells online and at several Austin Farmer's Markets, notably Downtown, Barton Creek, Cedar Park, and others. They've been looking to expand to other markets, and I have several out my way, so that's the plan. We actually have at least one out here somewhere everyday, Taylor, Smithville, Bastrop, Elgin, Manor, possibly even Giddings. All are within roughly thirty miles of me. I've been checking them out. We'll see how they work out. Today I'm hoping to ride my Shadow over to Taylor and check out that one.
     Microbial Earth has a line of products I can feel good about representing, in keeping with my ecology and Permaculture leanings. Check out their website link above. Mostly it has to do with compost and beyond. Their product line includes Bokashi Bins for indoor composting in apartments, condos, and other living areas with no room or inclination for an outdoor setup. They also have other options up to and including additives for improving traditional outdoor bins, as well as offering earthworms. Microbial Earth also has finished compost, or microbial castings, and nutrient teas which are the result of their own composting efforts. They rigidly control the contents of their composting, using only the best ingredients. It's really beautiful stuff!
Microbial Earth also offers foliar and farm spraying of many of their products. Check out the website for the whole picture. 

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