Friday, June 11, 2010

Avatar Master

So, now I'm an Avatar Master! The course was awesome! Something like 325 or so Avatars from all over the world were there near Orlando to become Masters. I personally made friends with people from New Zealand, Australia, China, Korea, Italy, Netherlands, other parts of the U.S. and on and on. Such a wonderful feeling to be on the same page with so many beings, from so many different parts of the world, from so many backgrounds, religions, ethnic groups, and so on. All of us contributing to an enlightened planetary civilization!

The original Avatar course I took in Austin gave me tools to live deliberately. To discover the transparent beliefs that shape my opinions, my decisions, my outlook and even affect my relationships. Beliefs that I did not even realize were active until I learned how to recognize and dispose of them. Masters gave me the chance to use the tools from Avatar on an intensive basis, making them more solid while giving me the skills to teach the tools to others. 

The next few months will see both Cat and I taking students to Re-surfacing here in Austin, as well as Minneapolis and Colorado. I can hardly wait!

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