Saturday, April 17, 2010

Casting Call

Today I took a big step. I've been in theater since 1981 as actor, director, and writer, at least in community theaters around Central Texas. I've also done a couple of small films and auditioned for a couple of more. Since moving to McDade, however, I've avoided all of it. With a new location and relationship, I really didn't want to make the huge time commitment required for a show, especially since there is nothing very near, any theater would involve an hour commute each way. So, it's been easy to avoid.
However, I got word of a new film being shot around Smithville the next few months. So, I went in today for the casting call.
I wasn't alone. Apparently, Smithville has been a happening place for films the last few years. The town even has it's own Film and Arts Commission. I joined perhaps a hundred other hopefuls lined up in front of City Hall. They took us four at a time, took our information, took our pictures, let some of us read for parts, and sent us home. Now we shall see what happens.
You can watch my meteoric rise to success right here!
Stay tuned!

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  1. You have an interesting and warm face and I can totally see you in the movies as a good guy character! I hope you get a part!